Cracked Or Leaky Basement Wall Repair Service Provider

The helical pier systems offered by American Foundation can repair your failing foundation and restore the property value of your home. If you’ve noticed interior or exterior wall cracks, a leaning chimney, or gaps in window and door frames, you could have a serious foundation problem. Contact an American Foundation representative to ensure that you utilize the easiest and least invasive means of fixing foundation cracks & other leaky basement wall repairs. Not all foundations are created equal, for this reason we make sure we perform the necessary site evaluation and research before making a recommendation.

Helical piers are installed by mechanically “drilling” them into the soil using small construction equipment or handheld equipment. Once they reach proper depth, heavy-duty steel brackets are installed under the footing.

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American Foundation Specialists | Settling Basements / Foundations

Advantages: Helical Pier

  • Helical piers do not cause vibration during installation.
  • Helical piers do not rely on the weight of the structure to be installed.
  • Helical piers can achieve design loads in given soils.
  • Helical pier installations do not create excavation spoils that would require removal.
  • Low mobilization costs for helical pier installation equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly small installation equipment has minimal site impact.
  • Installation can be completed in all weather conditions.
  • Installs in limited access situation – hand-installation can be performed with portable equipment.
  • Helical piers have the ability to be installed in close proximity to underground services.
  • Capacity of each pier is accurately measured using installation torque.
  • In most cases structure can be raised back to level position
  • Helical piers are permanent, however can be used for support in a temporary situation such as pre-construction support.
  • Restores property value
  • Long life span – galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion
  • City permits may be required and will be included upon request.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured! We’ve been in foundation waterproofing business for 70 years and all our work backed by our 20 year warranty! Warranty has no yearly renewal fees and is transferable to new owners.

Our Approach

American Foundation will have a structural engineer developing a support plan for cracked or leaky basement wall repair and the drafted plans which will be submitted to the municipality for approval. American Foundation will handle all local permits that are required for Helical Pier installation as well as obtained engineered drawings for structural support.

  • Cracking
  • Shifting
  • Settlement
  • Improper Installation
  • Manufacturing
American Foundation Specialists | Settling Basements / Foundations

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